"Discover the Proven Secrets
to Profiting as an Author!"

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By the end of this 3-day Virtual Event, you’ll know how to:

  • Write a Best Selling Book in Just a Weekend!
  • Use Your Book to Promote Your Coaching Program, Info Product, Live Event, or Anything Else You Have to Offer!
  • Influence People and Spread YOUR Message Effortlessly!
  • Turn Your Passion into a 6-Figure Income!
  • and MUCH, Much More!
    Join Us.
    And Master the Business of Writing.
Dear Author (or Should I Say “Soon-to-be-Best-Selling Author”?),

What is the world’s most influential profession?

The world’s most influential profession is becoming a Best Selling Author!

As an Author, you control the message that influences the actions of other people.

As a Best Selling Author, you influence MUCH bigger audiences and, your message has a much bigger impact!

Now, more than ever before, it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to have a book with your name on it as Author.  It’s become the #1 most important tool in an entrepreneur’s arsenal!  In fact, for those entrepreneurs who are Best Selling Authors, their book is as essential as a business card!

Why is it so important to become a Best Selling Author?

Well, perhaps it’s best understood by explaining the results of a study done by a company called “Bridge Ratings”.  Bridge Ratings is a company that studies media usage and behavior.  In 1996, they asked 60,000 people a single question:  “If you were looking for the solution to a problem, who would you be most likely to turn to?”  The answers included Spiritual Leaders (i.e. Ministers), Teachers, and Family Friends and Acquaintances.

In 2006, Bridge Ratings repeated the study, again asking 60,000 people the same single question… “If you were looking for the solution to a problem, who would you be most likely to turn to?”  This time they got VERY different results!

By 2006, the answers become:  Strangers With Experience, Family, Friends & Acquaintances, and then Teachers — in that order.

What caused the answers to change so much?

If you think back to 1996, the internet was in its infancy!  We didn’t have Google to use to find any piece of information in a few seconds!  We didn’t have a way to locate “Strangers With Experience” easily either!  What existed back then were trusted sources of guidance and information — Ministers and Spiritual Leaders, as well as Teachers.

But today, things are VERY different!  The reason that people now turn to “Strangers With Experience” is because they are able to locate the Strangers who have websites, books, videos, and other materials that can help them solve their problems!

Those Authors who are “Strangers With Experience” who are ALSO Influential, will not only be able to get more people to find them by having a book and a website, but they’ll also be able to get the people to take more action to solve their problems — meaning that the people looking for the “Strangers With Experience” are even willing to PAY for the advice that they’re looking for!

You need to become that “Stranger With Experience” in the eyes of your customers so that you can really get them to:

  • Follow your advice and implement it so that they can get what they want (in other words — to help them solve their problems!), and
  • Willingly take their credit card out of their wallets to buy even more of what you have to offer!

In other words, Once you become an Author, YOU have the power to influence people!

And over an inspiring 3-day weekend in October, you’ll learn to write your book in a way that allows others to see you as that “Stranger With Experience”, and you’ll also learn how to harness the influence that you gain as an Author and use it more powerfully and effectively so that you turn your book into a Best Seller and so that your book can truly become a “Lead Generator” for everything else you have to offer!


Your “Dream Team” has been assembled.

You’ll hear from some of the most creative minds in the book promotion and publishing world  LIVE on Friday thru Sunday, October 19, 20 and 21.

The best part is that this jam-packed 3-day event takes place VIRTUALLY, in a Webinar, so you can participate from anywhere in the world!  (You can even wear your PJ’s if you’d like!)

You’ll leave this event with strategies and systems that you can apply to your business immediately…insider information that will give you rapid results, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned author already!

Each day, you’ll participate in exclusive “hot-seat solution sessions”, where you’ll have the chance to showcase your business or business idea, and have the top minds from around the world give you their suggestions, advice, and support. This may be the most valuable time you’ll ever spend at a seminar…all without leaving the comfort of your home or office!

A full three-day conference.
Without the hassle or cost!

You can participate from the comfort of your own office, couch or lounge chair because the World Authors Conference is a Virtual event—each session will come to you online.

That means that you don’t have to buy an airplane ticket and undergo the indignity of air travel. You can sleep in your own bed, saving hundreds in hotel bills. And you’ll save all the time you would lose by being away from home, your family, and your business.

Although this panel of the world’s most respected book promotion and publishing experts will visit you online, you’ll have the ability to communicate by asking questions and connecting with them — just like you would at a at a live event held in some over-priced hotel!

You’ll get to network all weekend long with a live Facebook chat through the “World Authors Conference” Facebook Members Group.

It’s a Total of Over 33 Hours of
Top Quality Content 
That Isn’t Available in One Place 

But that’s not all…

You’ll also learn from the over 6-hours of LIVE, HANDS-ON “Hot Seat Strategy Sessions” where you’ll work together with DirectionsU Dean & Founder, “The JV Queen”, Gina Gaudio-Graves and me to help you build YOUR specific business!

These strategy sessions have been among the highest-rated components of previous summits, and you’re sure to find the practical wisdom and problem-solving to be of huge value in your business as well! You’ll find your personal hot-seat application waiting for you once you’ve secured your seat at the summit.

It’s all being recorded and will be available to you FOREVER.
Who this is for:

New and Aspiring Speakers
New and Aspiring Authors/Writers/Bloggers
You’ll get the help you need to build your business using a book—whether your business will be online or offline.  The opportunities are endless–and so are the profits!
Seasoned Speaking Professionals

Seasoned Writing ProfessionalsYou’ll get the help you want to fine-tune your book so that you truly become an Influencer.  You’ll also learn how to get your book to become a Best Seller without breaking a sweat!  The result will multiply your revenues many times when you apply all that you’ll learn at the event!

Anyone in Sales or Communication Professions
Anyone in Sales or Communication Professions
you’ll learn to improve your influence, boost your sales results and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming about.

The Experts are coming from all over the world…Who’s on the All-Star Faculty?

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from this esteemed group…

  • How to Craft the Perfect Story so you can influence and invigorate your audience, and get them to act on and buy anything you offer!
  • How to Get Booked on the Biggest Stages in Your Field so you can reach more people with less effort!
  • How to Become an Instant Celebrity with your book.
  • How to Use Social Media to build your writing business fast.
  • How to Write Great Copy–as a business–and as a way to sell your work.
  • How to Use the Kindle Platform for ultimate publishing profit so you can build bigger lists, get your message out to more people, and see bigger revenues in your business!
  • How to properly Position Yourself for Success so you can reach ALL of your goals easily!
  • How to Build and Use Your Website for Profit. It’s more than just an online business card… it’s your tool for building relationships that get people to see you as an Influential Stranger With Experience!
  • How to Master Online Seminars and Webinars to get your book widely promoted.
  • How to Unlock the Power of YouTube to sell your message to bigger audiences.
  • How to Use Blogs to Generate a Massive Income and World-Wide Following.
  • How to Get it All Donewithout doing it all yourself (we call this “the sanity session”).
  • How to Turn Your Book into a Product…and triple your income instantly.
  • How to Get Your Passion Out to the World more effectively so you can get bigger results, with less effort.
  • And much, much more!

A Tsunami of Strategies.

What is the cost of this jam-packed event?

Prepare to be blown away!

Here’s how it works…

When you Reserve Your Seat right now, you’ll receive an instant discount of over 72% of the “rack rate” for this event.

The normal tuition is $697, but for a limited time, just $97 will Reserve Your Seat!

After 30 days, we’ll conveniently charge you an additional payment of $97–that reflects a better than 72% savings off the full tuition!

So, when you start with your $97 seat reservation today, you’ll get FULL ACCESS to the Members Area and all Member Benefits!

We’re thrilled to help you get started since you’re demonstrating that you’re serious about getting better results in your life and writing business.

Here’s where it gets better…

When you attend this incredible event LIVE, though, you’ll receive a coupon code that you can use to get $200 off of any product offered during the entire event. Simply enter the coupon code* and the discount is applied immediately!

The coupon code will ONLY be given out LIVE during the event! If you’re not there in person, or if you choose not to take advantage of any of the incredible opportunities you’ll learn about during the event, you’ll have received the entire experience for just the $194 “Insider tuition”, instead of the regular ticket price of $697.

Doesn’t that sound like a fair deal to you?

If you just take the time to attend this event and not only receive the incredible information you’ll learn all weekend long (and in the successive weekly follow-up sessions), but really take ACTION on at least 1 thing you learn—you’ll get better results in your life and business!

More than likely, when you put just one thing that you learn into your writing business (yes, regardless of the passion involved, it’s still a business!), you’re likely to get more than 10 times what you invested to reserve your seat!

This should be one of the easiest decisions you’ll make this year…

Just Reserve Your Seat right now.

What does my tuition include?

Your tuition for this event covers all course materials. It gives you full access to all sessions as well as lifetime “All Access Pass” to the members area, where you’ll find replays of each presentation in audio and video format, plus complete transcripts of each speaker’s session.

You’ll also receive bonuses
totaling in excess of $1,000.

(Continue reading to find out about all of the fabulous bonuses you’ll get!)

And, remember… when you attend the live event, you’ll even get a $200 credit toward any purchase from the online Conference Store!*

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Our Conference Attendees LOVE the Experience!

Attendees at our last event overwhelmingly said YES! when asked if they’d recommend us to their friends.


We want you to join in on the fun. We want YOU to make your difference in the world. We want YOU to live your dreams and spread your message–and your passion–to others. And…we want you to build a writing business that gives you all the cash you need to make it all happen!

What is the schedule?

The Conference will start on Friday morning, October 19th, and will continue through the weekend. Each day’s festivities will begin at 9am US Eastern Time (6am US Pacific Time) and will conclude at approximately 9pm each evening. Plan on spending the entire weekend with us–just as you would at a live, in-person event.

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Will the Sessions be Recorded?

Absolutely! And your tuition gives you a full, lifetime All Access Pass to the Videos and Audio mp3′s. You’ll receive maximum value by attending LIVE, of course, but if you have a schedule conflict, we’ve got you covered.

                                  Register Now

Do I need any special technology?

Nope. You’ll need a computer that’s connected to a wifi or broadband connection. That’s it. You can even watch it LIVE on your iPad with the free GoToMeeting app!

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Your Happiness is 100% Guaranteed.

You’ll Get Over $1,000 of
Extra Valuable Bonuses, Too!

We’ve got a great line-up of special tools for you–including our digital edition of an incredible out-of-print masterpiece, “Grow Rich While You Sleep” (it’s the book most of us should have read years ago!). These bonuses total over $1,000—and they’re only available to you when you order now.


Leon Jay’s New Book, “Do Less Work Make More Money.
Leon is the brains behind FusionHQ, the incredible marketing and e-commerce platform that we’re using in our business. This book is the perfect compliment to everything you’ll be learning in this program.



This 20-minute “LifeStyle Quotient” assessment from our Sponsor, MyLifebook.com, will give you some pretty powerful insights as to where you are in your life…and how to get where you want to be. It’s the perfect way to start the year—and your training program with us—as it will give you a clearer picture of where you’ll want to focus.

Digital Version of The Laptop Millionaire Book



“Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon – How to Build A Passive Income Business That Will Last You For Years To Come” PDF course by Chris Farrell $37.00

“The Beginners Mastermind – How To Earn Your First $350 Online In 14 Days Or Less”
course by Lee McIntyre.



“T. Harv Eker’s How To Generate Million Dollar Ideas Every Sixty Seconds”
PDF $37.00


“Secrets of Elite Marketers” – Includes interviews with: T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Mike Filsaime, Mike Litman, Rich Schefren, and Yanik Silver!



“Attracting Customers Like Crazy” teleseminar – 57 Tips to attracting customers fast, by Debbie Allen. Plus: “The Wealth Attraction Teleseminar Series” $197.00

“The Webinar Profits Blueprint – 7 Secrets To Making Big Money With Webinars” Video training course by Steven Essa $97.00


“101 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learnt From Richard Branson”

PDF – $37.00



“The Secrets To Attracting More Clients And Increasing Your Profits In 2012”
Special report by Dominica Alicia $67.00



“The Super List Building System – How To Build A List Of 1,000 Super Responsive Subscribers In 30 Days or Less”
Training course by Lee McIntyre – $297.00


“Info-Products Made Easy”

6-week course by Roy Carter



“Internet Marketing Empire – The Shortcut To Online Profit”
Video training – $197.00



“19 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Up To 10 Times More Money!” course by Randy Charach, Jeff Gardner, and Russ Von Hoelscher – $97.00

Your Brain Science Based Blueprint Achievement Strategies for a Happy, Healthy, More Successful and Wealthy. . .Rest of YOUR Life!


The Awakened Author Challenge
We have a very valuable course that teaches people to write & publish a book in 30 days. It is a $997 value A-Z book writing & publishing course. In the 30 days, when you follow the lessons, you become a published author both in print and on Kindle, and you will have sold your first book.


Getting Started with PLR and Resale Rights



You’ll be Part of a Growing Community.

You’ll be invited to join our special Facebook group, where you’ll be able to share, brainstorm and problem-solve any part of your business. This group will NOT be a pitch-fest. It will be strictly dedicated to mutual support and service. We are committed to your outrageous success, and we want our growing community of like-minded communicators to have a channel where we can support one another.

Special Pre-Conference Presentations.

When you enroll, you’ll be getting started right away. You’ll be joining us for our exclusive Pre-Conference Presentations with our faculty. This will be 100% content—and you’ll be able to invite your entire support staff to join us! 

So Now’s the Time to Take Action.

If you’ve got a fire burning inside you with a message that needs to be shared, this program is for you. If you’ve been wanting to take your writing business to the next level, this program is for you. If you’ve been dreaming of improving your marketing and amping-up your influence, this program will help you do that, too.

The bottom line is this. You can create massive results when you use the tools, tips and strategies you’ll learn at the Conference. Join us! Grab your spot now and let’s work together to create magic! Your happiness is completely guaranteed, so jump in and join your fellow “passionate presenters” from around the world!

On behalf of our incredible faculty, I look forward to seeing you there!

All the Best to Your Success,


Ken Krell



Ken Krell

One More Thing: These are just some of the experts we’ve got planned for you. Given the dynamics of everyone’s schedules, we reserve the right to make content and speaker changes, substitutions and add “Bonus” instructors as necessary in order to provide you with the ultimate experience.


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